Unified School District 204 Board of Education policies provide three methods for citizens to address the Board:

1. Each prepared agenda for the regular monthly meeting provides a time for recognition of guests. During this time, patrons may present their ideas and concerns regarding the schools. Complaints regarding students or employees will not be presented during this portion of the meeting. Such concerns are best resolved closest to the situation, and patrons are encouraged to contact the local school or department that can best handle the matter. It is preferred by the Board of Education that patrons who wish to address the Board attend the first meeting of the month.

2. Individuals desiring to have an item placed on the agenda may do so by making a request in writing to the Superintendent at least ten days prior to the regular monthly meeting of the Board. Such requests should include information that will help the Board in reaching a decision on the request.

3. Persons desiring to address the Board regarding an item on the preprinted agenda may do so by completing the “Intent to Address the Board of Education” form and presenting it to the Board President or Superintendent before the meeting. When appropriate, the opportunity will be provided for a courteous presentation regarding the designated topic.

When addressing the Board, citizens should use the following guidelines:

  • Be recognized by the Board President.
  • State name and address for the record.
  • Limit remarks to the designated topic.
  • Limit remarks to no more than five minutes.

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